Company overview

We Coirmates India, situated in Alleppey, The God’s own Country in Kerala, India. as the company name indicates our intimacy with the Coir. We are one of the most leading manufacturer and Exporters of coir erosion control products and all types of door mats.Our product line includes Coir Mats ,Rubber Mats, Rubber Coir Combination Mats, PVC Tufted Coir Mats, Cotton Mats, Jute Rugs and Coir Geo Textiles etc. long years of experience in Coir industry established Coirmates India in 2008.We have well equipped weaving factories and traditionally skilled labours who are the back bone of our growth. Our quality is well known in the industry as well as the promptness in shipments in a coast effective manner are highly appreciated by our customers in all over the world.

Door Mats, We have a wide range of door mat collections in 100% Coir ,PVC tufted coir mats,100% Rubber and in Coir-Rubber combinations.

Coir Erosion control products used for preventing soil Erosion. It stabilize soil and prevents the extensive damage that can be caused by soil erosion. Coir fiber will eventually decompose on their own. Our coir products are 100% natural and biodegradable no need to remove and it is eco friendly so do not make any harm to wildlife and other natural resources. It is very economical and easy to install. It absorbs solar radiation to prevent over heating. since a natural product, do not get damaged by salt water, no chemical treatment is used. It is not contaimated by bacteria and Fungus. Our products can substitute against PVC and other synthetic materials. It is the perfect method for preventing soil erosion problems and sedimentation problems.

Erosion Control Nets and Coir Logs are best coast effective methods for usage of wetland and backyard gardening and also in planting vegetation on slopes, road sides and river banks stream banks etc.Coir fibre have a long durability of 2 to 5 years depending on the conditions. After that it will naturally degrade in the soil. Now a days Most of the architects and landscapers suggest for using Naturally made eco friendly coir net and Log instead of synthetic materials.

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